Monday, December 22, 2008

My List so Far

The first thing I do is work backwards from lunch on Christmas Day. I can make sure I won’t be too rushed on the day and I can figure out what I can do on Christmas Eve and the day before. (Is that Christmas Eve Eve?)

Here is my list so far:

Christmas Day
(the order is backwards from lunch)

Put apples and cannelloni in oven 1 hour before pork is finished
Put pork on
Dress table
Buy ice and sort out drinks
Get ready and put on snazzy Christmas apron and silly santa hat.
Open pressies (yeah, my favourite)

Christmas Eve

Make mulled wine
Make onion jam for pork
Get Mangoes

Christmas Eve Eve
(the 23rd)

Give the house a big once over.
Finish any homemade Christmas gifts and wrap them
Make table cloth and serviettes

Christmas Eve Eve Eve
(ok, now this is getting ridiculous)

Finish Decorations and trimming the tree
Order salads
Return library books
Wrap pressies and make sure everyone is bought for. If I have missed anyone then Mr Berry gets to go shopping.
Post the couple of Christmas cards I have left.
Make any food Christmas pressies that haven’t been done yet.

When I look at this list it really doesn’t seem like alot and I actually feel calmer about the things I have to do. I have taken the easier route for a lot of things. I made sure that I had finished my gift shopping by last Friday and we had planned Christmas Day lunch a couple of weeks ago and split up the food between everyone.

I suppose the moral of this exercise is to be organised. I know this list will prevent me from panicking, especially as I cross some items off. Speaking of which, I had best get on with the Christmas decorations. I will post pics when they are done.

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