Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Bunting

I know I said that I wasn’t going to get time to do much sewing for Christmas but on the weekend I went a bit nuts and made a Christmas bunting.

I have had this fabric for a few years and wasn’t quite sure what I should do with it. My Christmas colours this year are the vibrant red and greens in the fabric so this matches perfectly. I have hung it in the dining room above the table (which will have a red tablecloth) – it should look really good. Now all I have to do it make the table napkins. Here is the fabric I bought the other day for them:

(Spotlight has 50% off their Christmas fabric if anyone is interested. I got this for $2/m)

I also need to start on my table centrepieces. I was thinking of using those cone trees you see around but I want to do a handmade thing. I will keep thinking. Since we put the outdoor lights up I have really got into the Christmas spirit. I even hum Christmas Carols!

The house is an absolute mess and the only thing we have to eat is homemade bread (yum, but sadly not enough for Miss Berry who is a banana girl). So today should be spent doing housework and the grocery shopping. The grocery shopping will be done as I can no longer ignore it like I could when it was just Mr Berry and myself, but I fear the house work will again be left untouched. I really want to finish a Christmas dress for Miss Berry. This is the second dress I am making for her without using a pattern. The first one I finished yesterday.

Honestly, little girl’s dresses are just too cute for words. I just want to eat her up – which would solve the grocery issue.


~ Charlene S Noto said...

LOL! The dress is darling and I love those fabric patterns. Sounds like it is going to be cheery and lovely.

emma - theberrypatch said...

Hi Charlene,

The plan is for our house to be very happy and Christmassy. We are almost there. Of course we are missing a Christmas tree - that goes up on Christmas eve.


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