Monday, December 8, 2008

In Pursuit of the Perfect Loaf

My bread-maker bread did not work. I am not sure exactly why it didn’t work but wasn’t as good as my normal loaf and definitely needs improvement.

Rather than place the blame solely on the machine, I have decided to take my share. So, I have purchased a bread mix packet and I am baking up a loaf now. Hopefully, this will work and I can see what I can expect from my bread maker. I have also bought a packet of bread improver to try with my usual recipe. I am really not keen on using it on a regular basis though – it has so many ingredients and most of them are numbers. I may as well buy my bread!

I will track my ‘tweaking’ of the recipe here so I at least have a record of my trials and errors. I have a tendency to not write these things down.

I have just finished a Christmas cushion:

The plan is to make three cushions for Christmas. This one, a stitchery one and one using Suffolk Puffs. I have started the Suffolk Puff one and will try to get it done within the week.

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