Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 Days Til Christmas

Yesterday I got everything done on my list except for wrapping the pressies. We did go through the pressies though and today Mr Berry went off with a short list of people to buy for (only 2 people).

My big tasks today are to finish my Christmas sewing so I can put the machine away til after Christmas and to clean the house. I have to make the tablecloth and napkins and I think I will take the easy route on both of them. I have a red brocade fabric for the table cloth and the fabric for the napkins is from Spotlight. I was going to use pinking shears around the table cloth but I think it will need a hem so it washes easy. I usually bind the napkins to get a nice finished edge but I will just hem these (I have 20 to make after all). They will only be used once a year and I have to prioritise things now – a simple hem will do nicely.

1 comment:

angela said...

I love your list. Im a big list maker also. Your mulled wine sounds intersting, what is your receipe?
Have a great chrissy

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