Friday, December 19, 2008

Home Made Dress for Miss Berry

Here is Miss Berry’s new Christmas dress.

This was taken after she had spent the day in it. We were both hot and sticky and she wasn’t in the mood for photo taking and these photos are the best I could get.

The dress fastens on the shoulder with buttons I found in the bottom of my button tin. I bought them new but sadly they are now vintage – or perhaps not so sadly as they would have cost me a lot more if I had bought them as vintage buttons. Yeah me for being slack and not using craft items as I buy them!

I am slowly getting more confident in making clothes without a pattern. I am thinking of making a skirt for me next. Actually, all I want to do is sit and sew but I have put the machine away and am ignoring the urges til the weekend so I can get my jobs done.

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