Monday, November 24, 2008

Who's That Eating My Tomatoes

Well it didn’t rain all weekend so I got a fair bit done in the garden.

Here is the veggie patch before the weekend:

And this is what it looks like now:

I put in some black russian and currant tomatoes along the back and cleaned up around the bed – I found another garden edge behind the bed too. I think I will have to get a whipper snipper out to clear that back area though.

I also staked my volunteer tomatoes using the weaving method (for want of a better term). I haven’t staked them like this before but I am hoping it will be neater than using a single stake. I am using the same method for the tomatoes I planted on the weekend.

I seem to have a ‘volunteer’ bed because two other plants have sprung up. I am not sure what they are but assume they are either pumpkin or zucchini. The one at the back has some flower buds on it so we will soon find out.

Today I went down to look at my grosse lisse tomatoes I planted a while back and something has eaten the fruit.

There was a green grub on one of the tomatoes but it fell off. I really don’t want to spray but don’t know what to do to keep them eating all my fruit. If anyone has any ideas I would be grateful. I just hope the grubs don’t eat all my hard work. I need to eat some too!


molly said...

Emma I make my own garlic, chilli & onion spray then just spray over plants, seems to work well here.

Just drop plenty of garlic & chilli into a pot, couple of onions, boil until it has condensed considerably. Remove the vegies and Use some of the liquid in a spray bottle with some water and a few drops of detergent -thats it:)

emma - theberrypatch said...

Thanks Molly I will try that. I am losing about 25% of my ripe tomatos at the moment. I would love to have a glut so I can can them up.


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