Thursday, November 13, 2008

Garden Update

My first attempt at pumpkins - it is growing so fast!

The weather has been fantastic lately and my garden is going gang-busters. This is the first year I have tried to grow a productive garden. Previously I have thrown in a few tomato seedlings and some herbs, but this year I am growing things from seed and am aiming to produce as much as I can. I have also mainly used heirloom seeds so I can save some seeds for next year.

Here is the garden I started at the beginning of spring.

The tomatoes have fruit ripening and the beans are going well. I have shallots and rainbow chard that I am harvesting as I need them. I have also planted lettuce, carrot, spanish onion, capsicum, zucchini and basil and the brocolini seeds I planted on the weekend.
Last weekend we cleared the front garden. It was a mass of weeds so we laid newspaper and sugar cane mulch.
I would like this garden to be my herb garden and I have planted a bay tree, rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano. I sowed some borage and coriander seeds but they have not sprouted yet but here are the rosella seeds I sowed on the weekend.
I also have some chive and garlic chive seeds that I will put in as a border.

And here are some little seedlings waiting to go in the garden or be given away.

I have two different types of tomatoes – black russian and currant, peppermint, chamomile, parsley and spanish onions. I have stopped sowing the seeds in punnets because it is just too much work and I am getting better results with putting them straight in the garden. Maybe when it gets really hot I will go back to punnets.

This weekend we will finish mulching the rest of the front garden. You can see the remaining part here:

As you can see it is really overgrown. We have not long moved into the house and it has taken us a long time to get this far with the gardens. They were really, really overgrown. The back yard was worse! It is very rewarding to look at how much we have achieved so far.

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~ Charlene S Noto said...

beautiful pictures. what a lovely garden you're growing there. Thanks for sharing.

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