Friday, November 7, 2008

Vegemite on Toast

Miss Berry has decided she does not like her usual breakfast of weet-bix. Instead she has told me that Vegemite on toast is the only thing on the menu. She told me this by throwing her weet-bix on the floor; the solution was found via a process of elimination.

There is something so deliciously cute about a little one eating vegemite on toast. There is the initial tasting followed by a shudder that runs from head foot. The pause to see if she really does like the taste and then the final decision; yes she does like it but it will taste better if she has a piece in each hand. The vegemite is then smeared over every available surface whilst the toast is being consumed.
I also feel so very Australian giving my girl vegemite on toast. I am not a patriotic person but watching her eat this national spread fills me with a glow of Australian-ness. She will now be able to stand proud and say to her overseas friends "try some, you'll love it. It's just like nutella". And try not to laugh as she watches them take a bite of toast smeared with an inch thick layer of vegemite.
Although I am dubious as to the nutritional value of vegemite, I am glad Miss Berry has dived right in and embraced this quintessential Australian meal.


Linda said...

I am a bit fuzzy now, but I thought at one point it has folate?

My kids loved Vegemite when they were little.

emma - theberrypatch said...

Ah yes, I have just looked at the nutriional information on the label (should have done that ages ago) and vegemite does have folate as well as some other B vitamins. Who new?

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