Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Meter Readings

Here is the result from the past 2 days.
Monday's ReadingToday's ReadingAve Daily Usage
Electricity72524725418.5 kw
Off Peak Hot Water50774507939.5 kw
Water1499.4611500.3670.453 kl

Yesterday we barely used any electricity so our average is low – we normally average around 10.5kw. It seems odd that our hot water system uses the same amount of electricity as the rest of the house. I will have to check that out. The hot water system is a really old gravity fed system that is super, super hot. I will see if I can turn the thermostat down.

I am not sure if our water usage is high or not but an average of 453L seems a lot. We are renting and our landlord is very reluctant to maintain the property and the big issue we have been arguing about is the water leaks. The backyard tap leaks and I catch that water for the garden, but the big leak is the toilets. Our main toilet is constantly running (as in the water’s running into the bowl and the cistern always needs to fill itself up). It is a very old toilet too so the cistern is huge; and there isn’t a dual flush. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Grrr, landlords.

I am going to keep monitoring our usage over the next week and try to reduce it. I know we can be a lot better – eight years ago our electricity daily average was 13kw.

Here is the link to Down to Earth. Don't forget to post your results there, and any suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Go to www.todae.com.au and order one of the cistern wieghts. not sure what they are called, but they cost $10 ea - and it means that the toilet only flushes for how long you hold the button down for. Well worth the investment.

With the cistern leaking, it might be worth a look in the toilet cistern itself - sometimes in older toilets the parts get twisted around so the seals don't work - so you 'might' be able to fix it yourself for no cost and little effort.
good luck!

Ladybird World Mother said...

This is brilliant! How do you check, just by looking on the dial?? Love it. Will do it too.
We rent our place too and I totally get the land lord thing. Annoying. Our boiler is bust but they are taking an age to get it mended... still, we are saving the planet, as my husband keeps telling me!
Right, now where is our elec meter...

emma - theberrypatch said...

Thanks anonymous.

I will check out the site today. Mr Berry is also going to get up in the roof and look at whether we can turn the temp down on the hot water system.

Neither of us really know our way around the workings of the toilet - we had best google it!

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