Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Today was a normal Wednesday. Miss Berry and I had mother's group at home which was lovely. I really enjoy watching the little ones tear about my house. It makes it feel like a home when it is full of children.

I did start the day earlier than usual with pilates. I got out of the habit of doing pilates a couple of months ago and my back has been really sore since I stopped. Oh, how my muscles ache now though! A good soak in the bath tonight should help things.

And after Miss Berry went to bed I headed out into the garden and re potted some seedlings. Tomatoes, parsley and peppermint - oh my! And because it was Wednesday, I watered my veggie beds (we are on water restrictions in Sydney and can only hose on Sundays and Wednesdays in the morning or evening).

Now I have finished a dinner of leftovers from the mother's group lunch and will do a little bit of sewing before getting ready for bed.

A standard, run of the mill day.
And yet, I feel excited, refreshed, relaxed, content and happy. I am not sure what it was about my day that has left me feeling like this. It could have been the pilates, the little ones livening up the house or reconnecting with my garden at dusk. Or it may be all of these things, but I am happy (and thankful) for my lot in life.

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