Friday, November 14, 2008

The Summer Quilt

Friday is always sheet changing day. New sheets are put on the beds, the pillows and quilts are aired and fluffed and the old sheets are washed.

Slipping in between fresh cotton sheets at night would have to be my most favourite thing (and I mean my most favourite thing ever). Mr Berry usually lets me hop into bed first on Friday nights so I can savour the joy of fresh sheets. I also don’t like anyone to sit on the bed beforehand, as it takes away the fresh-sheet feeling. There, my one neurotic-ness is out. Ok it’s not my only one but let’s keep the rest private for now eh?

Anyway, because the weather has been so warm and this morning was the beginning of a hot day, I decided to put the summer quilt on the bed.

This quilt has a light cotton batting so it is perfect for the nights when you need a little bit more than a sheet. As you can see, I have left our winter quilt on the bottom of the bed in case the nights are a bit cold. I will wash the winter quilt once we don’t need it at night.

I just love white linen; it makes the room feel so fresh. Now, if only I can manage to keep Miss Berry off my bed today ...

1 comment:

~ Charlene S Noto said...

That is a beautiful quilt! I agree with the fresh linens. Nothing like it.

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