Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Great Water and Electricity Challenge

Rhonda from Down to Earth has challenged us all to monitor our water and electricity usage in the hopes of trying to reduce the amount we use.

I have taken up the challenge. Over winter we received a shockingly huge electricity bill - $600! We have never had a bill over $200 for winter. Turns out the increase was due to our heaters. We were in a new home and had 2 heaters going; obviously a lot more than we normally do.

So, after that we began to monitor our usage and we had dropped right back down again. I haven't looked at the meter for a couple of months so lets see how we are doing.

Here are the readings from 7am this morning (Sunday 16/11/08)

Electricity: 72524
Off Peak Hot Water: 50774

Water: 1499

Gas: 4573

Here's hoping I have read the meters correctly. When we started checking our electricity meter both Mr Berry and I read the meter wrong for a few days and were getting really worried about our huge spike in usage!

If you want to join the challenge hop on over to Down to Earth and leave a comment on Rhonda's blog.

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greenfumb said...

I was reading over your old blogs and wondered if you had heard of Nicole at Going Green. She makes little cloth bags for putting fruit and veg in at the shops, they are fantastic and cut down on all those silly little plastic bags that are no use to anyone.

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