Monday, November 10, 2008

The Babysitter - Television

Miss Berry loves television. It began over Christmas when she was 3 months old and the cricket was on. She would just stare at the screen. Now she loves The Wiggles, Play School and In the Night Garden and will sit in front of the TV for as long as it is on.

I find it is so easy to turn on the TV when I need to get something done or if I need some peace. Actually, it is too easy. Last week I realised I was letting her watch too much TV. The amount she was watching had slowly increased over time without me realizing it; I was using it as a babysitter.

So the TV was turned off and since then Miss Berry hasn’t watch any TV.
You know what? I still get my jobs done in the morning (it does take a bit longer – she is such a great helper). I still get to have a cup of tea and write my blog. We are still able to get out of the house at the same time.

Miss Berry has not looked for the TV or her favourite shows. She is very happy to sit on her own and read her books or play with her toys. Every now and then she will come up to me for attention so we will sit down and read together or play with whatever toy she has and then I can continue with my jobs. She now helps me make the bed and tidy the house too.

Speaking of which, Miss Berry is tugging on my leg now – we are off to finish our morning jobs. Why did I ever think it would be easier or better with her watching TV?

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