Friday, January 23, 2009

Stitchery 101 – Part A

Here is Part B of Stitchery 101
Here is Part C of Stitchery 101

I have finished my stitchery but keep forgetting to get it scanned (I promise I will do it over the weekend), so here is a beginners stitchery tutorial in three parts.

This design will fit into a standard 4”x 6”frame. It has a few different stitches for you to learn but I think it is simple and quick enough for a beginner.

You will need:

All of the items can be purchased from a patchwork shop.

Fabric – I use osnaberg but homespun, any patchwork fabric, cotton lawn, linen, or any natural fabric with a bit of weight will do. If you can, go for seeded homespun or osnaberg. You will need a 20cm x 25cm piece.

Pellon – This is a light weight batting (or wadding) that is put behind the stitchery to give it a nice quilted look. It also hides any threads that may show through from the back otherwise. It is much more forgiving than only using fabric and will make your stitchery look like it was made by a professional. You will need the same amount as the fabric – 20cm x 25cm.

Embroidery Hoop – This is a thin hoop that holds the fabric and pellon taught so your stitches lie flat. Some people don’t use them but they aren’t expensive and will make the job easier.

Thread – To make it easy I have used one colour. You can pick lots of different colours if you want. In Australia, each colour thread will cost around $1.
I have used DMC stranded cotton no 221.

Needle – You need an embroidery crewel needle, size 8 or 9.

Scissors – Small scissors are easier to use and you will be less likely to snip through the fabric when cutting the thread. Whatever size you are using, they need to be sharp, not paper scissors.

Blue Wash Out Marking Pen – This is to transfer the design onto the fabric. It is bright blue and very easy to see and will wash out in cold water. Heat will set it though so once you have marked the design DO NOT IRON THE FABRIC.

You will also need larger fabric scissors to cut the fabric and pellon, paper for the design, a dark pen or marker, cream sewing thread and a thimble if you want to use one.

Whether you prewash your fabric is up to you. I don’t because the fabric is cream and won’t run, and both the fabric and thread are good quality.


~ Charlene S Noto said...

Nice! Looking forward to seeing that you put up here! :-)

Taryn said...

Wow- that is really cute. What are you going to do with it?

emma - theberrypatch said...

I am working on the rest of the instructions at them moment and will post them later in the week.

Taryn, I will probably frame this stitchery and hang it on the wall. It will fit into a standard 4"x 6" frame. It would also look good as the center of a patchwork cushion.


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