Friday, January 16, 2009

Any New Stitchers After How-To Posts?

I was looking through my blog traffic stats and noticed that one of the most popular searches was for my sewing category. I have no idea what people are looking for in that category so I thought I would ask you.

Do you already know how to sew and are just browsing, or are you new to sewing and would like more information so you can start a project?

I was thinking of running a series of posts for the beginner stitcher and I will work on the design over the weekend. If you have any ideas or have been searching for a particular tutorial on embroidery, please let me know and I will either include that in my design or make a new one to do later.

If you are just happy to read and learn, stay tuned and I will be back with a design next week.


Donna said...

Hi Emma,

Great idea. This one of the things i thought i would do was learn to sew. So i have taken myself off to sewing classes every Wednesday. So i can basic sew now. Starts again when the kids go back to school so looking forward to that. Would love any tips that you do have. I also started to learn how to knit.. I find it relaxing. I have made one little baby jumper. IT took me 4 mths to make this premie jumper. But its all good fun. I think that these skills are slowly being lost and not passed down each generation. So any posting about sewing would be a great help....

Have a good one.

emma - theberrypatch said...

Hi Donna,

I am glad to hear you are learning to sew - it can be a great way to unwind in the evenings. If you have questions drop me an email.

I am working on a stitchery for beginners and will post about my sewing regularly.


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