Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Madeit vs Etsy

I have decided that I need to support my habit. I love fabric and sewing and I tend to go a bit nuts when surrounded by bolts of fabric – for example when I am in a fabric shop. So rather than not going into the shops which is impossible because I seem to stick to them like velco, I am going to sell some of my creations and hopefully my fabric addiction will have a zero effect on our budget.

There are two websites that allow craftspeople to sell their handmade items – Madeit and Etsy.

Etsy seems to be well known but it is US based and all the items are in US dollars. Madeit is the Australian version. Madeit is still quite small but it is local and it is in Australian dollars which I think helps people in Australia to buy things from the site.

So, do I list my things on Madeit or Etsy? Or, do I consider eBay? I would love to hear from anyone that has had any experience with any of these sites.

In the meantime I will continue to lovingly fondle my fabric stash and try my hardest to avoid any suburbs that have a fabric shop.

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Anonymous said...

Why not try both? I have only just started selling on both Etsy and Made It. I have only sold 1 or 2 items on each so i do not yet have a feeling which is better for me. I also list on www.ozebaby.com.au. This is where i have sold the most so far. If you are selling mostly baby or childrens clothing why not try there? Re Ebay...have not given Ebay much thought as I feel few people there would appreciate or be prepared to pay for homemade. Good luck wherever you sell. I love the dress. Very cute!
Cheers, Tricia

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