Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day

This is just a quick post today as we are off to spend time with family to celebrate Mum’s Birthday (Happy Birthday Mum!).

For those reading from across the seas, today is Australia Day. What is Australia Day? In true Australian form I would scratch my head and say that I think Australia Day is the day when Donald Bradman discovered Australia or something like that and then smile when I say we get a day off work to have a BBQ and drink beer.

Seriously – I know what Australia Day is. It’s when Captain Cook brought the convicts out right? No wait, it’s when Edmund Barton discovered Australia – no that’s not it either.

Perhaps I shouldn’t make light of a day a lot of people take very seriously but I have been thinking about what Australia Day means to me and I have yet to come to a conclusion. Indigenous people would say it a day to mourn rather than celebrate. Some people would say it is a day to remind the nation that only red necked, white people should be ‘allowed’ into the country. Others would just be thankful for the time off work and pick one of the above explanations for the reason.

I do know that I don’t want to parade the flag on my car, house or person, I don’t want to eat fatty, charred sausages and drink copious amounts of cheap beer. I will also take the opportunity to say I think locking up refugees sucks and I am ashamed that our government is still doing this.

I am thankful for growing up and living in Australia. I am thankful that I can write these things and my life won’t be in danger. I am thankful that my neighbours come from many different backgrounds and that many aspects of their cultures have merged to enriched the multi-culture-ness of our society. I am also thankful that we have a public holiday today. (Who wouldn’t?)

So, whilst I ponder all these things we will embrace our multi-culture-ness and head out to yum cha later this morning to celebrate both Mum’s birthday (which is tomorrow) and Australia Day.

Mmmm, yum cha.

Ok, so that wasn’t such a quick post. For those that are still confused about what Australia Day is – here’s wiki.

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