Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where have I Been?

I know it’s been a while since I have written much of any interest (assuming of course that at least some of my previous posts were interesting). I have been feeling a bit disconnected to my surroundings lately. The weather has prevented me from doing much in the garden – first it was too hot and then it rained. The heat also melted my brain somewhat and most of my usual housework chores were put aside.

I am also using the car a lot more than I used to. I am finding I am driving almost every day. Last year I was having two or three car-free days each week. I am really unhappy about the amount of time we are using the car but I am not sure what to do about it as public transport isn’t an option.

I know that by using the car for say 30 mins each day I am not exactly raping the earth (we have a low emission car – not a hybrid though), but that really isn’t the issue. If we all had the attitude of “it’s not much – how can that possibly make things worse” then all out little actions would add up to a huge action. I am deeply concerned about our society’s detrimental impact on the environment and that as a whole we aren’t really doing too much about it. I feel guilty about using the car. I feel it is wrong and I should re-adjust my life and my daily habits to reduce my driving time.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons I haven’t written much lately. I feel a bit like a hypocrite writing about my eco-driven life when I actually think my life is becoming less eco-friendly, not more.

I just read that last few sentences and it sounds really extreme. That’s ok. If we don’t feel passionately about something, we are less likely to do anything about it.

So, I am going to work my way back onto the eco-wagon. This weekend I have gone back into the garden and played in the dirt, talked to my worms and admired my compost (I would have squelched my toes in the mud but – eww). The house has had a good clean and a bit of a de-clutter we are thinking of how to re-arrange our lives to reduce my driving.

My inspiration - current issues of Organic Gardener, Earth Garden and Gardening Australia.

I am also looking to books and magazines to give me inspiration. I splurged on some magazines and this week I will head to the library and see what books they have on the subject.

I suppose that when we are trying to live a life that is so different from society’s norm, it can be a challenge to stay on that path. So, for anyone else that is having the same problem – you are not alone. Remember your ideals and stick with them.


Donna said...

Hi Emma,

It gets like that some days doesn't it. I feel exactly the same some days to. This weather has been totally playing with me. I feel very tired when its hot and then when it rains and you can't go out much u feel like sitting down and doing nothing and then it takes a wee while to get your mogo back. Thats why i love to read everyone eleses bloggs to keep me motivated. Some times think that i loose motivation when i have to do chores and keep up to date with house suff washing, ironing ect. when all i feel like doing is heading outside. I think I should just go out but I can't otherwise we will run out of clothes ha ha...
Take care and enjoy the weekend in the garden.. its not to hot at the moment so its a good day to get out.


Anonymous said...

I can really relate, or I could when I was in London. Forgive yourself and focus on the baby steps!

Emma @ the Berry Patch said...

Thank you both for your comments and encouragement.
It's good to know these things happen to everyone.

Frugal Trenches, you are right. I am beginning to get back on track with baby steps.


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