Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bushfire Appeals – How to Help

For those wanting to help the Victorian Bushfire Victims, Hello! It's Meet Me At Mikes! has a list of links for crafty and non crafty appeals.

I have decided to put my crafty hat on and contribute to:

Here you can donate a handmade item to either give to the people affected by the bushfires or to auction on eBay or Etsy to raise funds for the Red Cross


These are packs for little ones to provide some comfort and distraction whilst the parents are dealing with the aftermath of the fires. The packs contain a comfort toy and a distraction toy and can be made for all ages.

So, I had best get making. I will keep you updated with my progress.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea. How can i use these links like this on my blog.. Not sure how to get them there. Still learning ha ha.
Cheers Donna.

emma - theberrypatch said...

Hi Donna

Right click on the image and select 'save picture as'. Then insert the logo as you would any image.
Once the image is on your new post, go to the page you want to make the image link to and highlight the address in your address bar and copy it. Then go back to your new blog post and click on the insert link button and then paste the address into the form that pops up. Voila - link made.


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