Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a Nice Man

It stopped raining for a bit yesterday afternoon so I bundled Miss Berry into the pram and went for a walk. On my way back home it began to drizzle and then began to rain. I wasn’t getting very wet and I had the rain cover on the pram so I wasn’t worried, but I passed a nice man who was in his front yard and he offered me an umbrella.

This is not me (obviously, since I am female) and this is not the aforementioned umbrella. It is an image by atomicjeep and I thought it was appropriate to my post.

I thanked him for such a lovely offer but declined the use of his umbrella as I wasn’t getting very wet and only had a few streets to go. He was a complete stranger and had no idea whether I would return the umbrella or not (of course I would have – but he didn’t know that).

Such a simple, friendly gesture gave me a bit of hope that the community spirit in my area is still alive, even if it is only smouldering.
So, man-that-I-do-not-know, thank you for your offer – you buoyed my spirits.

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