Sunday, September 1, 2013

Starting a Nine Patch Quilt

So I've begun a what I hope will be a beautiful quilt this weekend. And look at my mountain of chain piecing.

It is so much quicker to chain piece and do all the same steps of every block at once. The problem is that it can get boring and can take a while before you see real progress. The up side is after all that work you all of a sudden have a bunch of blocks finished. Awesome.

And yet I still jump ahead and make a few blocks to get a feel of how the fabrics will look in the quilt.

Sadly, (or not) this baby will be leaving home in a few weeks so I must keep on task and get this quilt finished quickly.

But don't you think the fabrics are delicious? I love red and aqua.

All the prints are lovely together.

And I love the odd quirky colours like this orange and green which will help bring the quilt to life. I've always though a really good quilt needs to have a couple of fabrics that you just aren't sure about. If everything is super blendy and matchy then the quilt can be a bit boring.

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