Friday, September 13, 2013

Preparing for a Party

We are in party mode this week!

Miss Berry will be 6 and we are having a carnival themed party this weekend. I must say I am enjoying all the preparation - perhaps that's because I am ignoring the weather forecast. Yes, it's going to rain on the day.

But enough doom and gloom.

How about some party hats to brighten the day.

And just in case there was any confusion, some signs for the food. I'm trying not to offer too much food because I've found the kids don't eat much. So I'm doing the standard party pies, sausage rolls, fairy bread for lunch and some popcorn and fairy floss. They will end up taking a lot of lollies home from the piƱata and pass the parcel.

I'll post details of the cake next week but I am also making some cup cakes for the mums and dads so why not continue the theme with these toppers?

I am super happy with how the party bags have turned out. Especially the flowers made from lolly pops.

I've put in them some bubbles, an eraser, the lolly pop, some party mix lollies and a friendship bracelet kit. It's a very simple kit for the girls to make a friendship bracelet out of yarn. I'll post more about them as well as instructions after the party.

Wish me well and fingers crossed for a dry day in Sydney tomorrow.

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