Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spring is Here!

Even though it is officially a few days into Spring, here in Sydney we have had beautiful weather for a couple of weeks now. One of my favourites things to do at this time of the year is to lay out a picnic blanket and soak up some much needed sun and peruse some beautiful magazines.

Homespun has always been a favourite of mine. It has a lovely mix of sewing projects that suit those of us that struggle to keep with only one type of craft. It's probably been well over a year since I've picked up a Homespun and I still love it.
Mollie Makes is a new one for me. It too has lovely projects. The only problem I have with it is that it's not Australian. There are so many beautiful mags from the UK and I seem to love them all, but I much prefer to see a beautiful Australian mag. Because then I am then usually supporting Australian businesses and craftspeople.

Baby Berry seems to like Homespun too. Perhaps I will have another sewer in the family? Luckily I took the pics of the mags before he got to them because he ended up chewing the corner off.

Whilst it was drying I managed to get a couple of rows of my latest knitting project done. I am finally making something for me after a winter of knitting for the kids. I'm making me a vest in Bendigo Woollen Mills Harvest in Calico. Here is the pattern here.

I may get it finished by Autumn but I can't guarantee anything.

Especially because when I was buying my magazines look what else I got. No, not the baby but some more beautiful fabric! I think I might use this for a quilt for Baby Berry (his first).

 BTW - none of this is a sponsored rave. I just like pretty things. Especially if they are also shiny.

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