Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Wonderful Day

Well, it started raining yesterday around lunch and it hasn't stopped since. And it's great rain. It's not the light-not-really-get-anything-wet rain, nor is it the torrential-flash-flooding-wash-everything-away rain. It's the constant-middle-of-the-range rain and I love it.

The sky is dark and even with all the blinds open, the house is still dark and most rooms need a light on (not all at once obviously). It isn't too cold though, so we can open the front door and sit and watch the rain.

All the pot plants are out and the veggies are getting a good water. Every time it rains like this I wish for the day when we have our own home and can get a water tank.

So what do we do on a day like this? Other than cuddle up under a quilt or sit and watch the rain? We have a big pile of books to read, tea parties to play and beautiful pictures to draw. Unfortunately some of the chores need to be done, but I think some can be put off for another day so we can enjoy the weather.


Taryn said...

Oh rain.

greenfumb said...

Im glad you enjoyed it, it was great for my garden but driving home on a flooded road that had developed big holes was bit hair raising. I was afraid I was going to drown! Water tank will be full though no doubt :)

Emma @ the Berry Patch said...

I get really nervous driving in heavy rain too - and that is on good roads.


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