Friday, April 24, 2009

Oh How Far We've Come

This morning we went to our first Wiggles concert.

If someone had told me ten years ago that the highlight of my week (or more like my month) would be to attend a Wiggles concert I would have thought them seriously deranged.

But there I was, lining up with the rest of the groupies children waiting excitingly with my ticket in hand. Not only me of course, Miss Berry was there and Mr Berry also took a personal day. We had a wonderful morning although I think Miss Berry was in shock for half the concert. She just stared at the stage and didn't move for ages and then would point and say 'Dorothy', 'Jeff' or 'Murray' like she couldn't believe they were actually there.

I also got completely sucked in to the Wiggles merchandise (and also wanted to silence a rapidly building public tantrum - Miss Berry's not mine). On the way out they were selling Wiggles balloons. Dorothy is Miss Berry's favourite so I went over to get her one and was shocked that the lady took my $20 and then turned to the next person in line. Yes that's right - $20 for a balloon. Do you think I can save it for the next Birthday party? Can we say 'Dorothy theme'?


greenfumb said...

I remember our first WIggle concert - it was 12 years a go in a school hall in Hong Kong before they were quite so popular. My kids thought they had died and gone to Heaven. I won't tell you what they think of them now!

I'm sure you can reuse the balloon, you just need to find a helium cylinder to fill it up with.

Kelly said...

I remember those days. I have TWO Dorothy tails in my dressup closset from one of those concerts. I don't think they ever wore them except that night... Now we're moving on to older kid things - they grow so fast.

Anonymous said...

Am in the USA & came across your post. Just want to say my 2 girls ( we were so blessed to have adopted from China) at Wiggles fanatics. we are off to our 3rd wiggles concert this saturday.
I just finished secretly ordering my little one's bedroom decor & curtains on ebay/amazon name it it's so hard to find.. While she is attending kindergarten this yr I was lucky enough to find a wiggles backpack but am unsuccessful in finding a lunch box. Can anyone help? I am happy to paypal you full price + shipping. We are at a loss. & School is in 3 weeks. I just want to make it extra soecial for her. Anyone who can help I am Julie In Chgo., IL email is
thanks for looking
fellow wiggles lovers here in the U.S.A>

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