Friday, May 28, 2010

Today's Harvest - Friday 28th May 2010

It's definitely no longer summer. We have the ugg boots on (even during the day) and an extra quilt on the bed. It has rained for the last 3 weeks and the day time temperature is around the 20oC mark (or a bit below).

If it wasn't for the rain preventing me from getting into the garden more, I think we would still be really productive. Who would have thought I'd have tomatoes ripening on the vine at the end of May (this is my second crop planted at the end of summer).

Here is my harvest today:

3 x eggs
3 x beetroot
5 x radish (1 x purple and 4 x white)
Lots of tomatoes (I try to pick them as they start to ripen to prevent the bugs getting to them).
As well as some greens and herbs for lunch and dinner.

1 comment:

greenfumb said...

It's weird isn't it, I still have tomatoes too, usually they're long gone by now. I am trying Siberians this year to see how long we can keep them going.

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