Monday, March 9, 2009

Mr Darcy

The ABC showed the first two episodes of Lost in Austen last night and I forgot how much I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice.

I first fell in love with Mr Darcy (as I am sure most women did) with the BBC’s production of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth playing Mr Darcy. I used to watch that series over and over, usually whilst (can’t help myself – sorry) hand quilting. I then moved to Emma and then Sense and Sensibility but my favourite has always been Pride and Prejudice.

So, having awakened one’s appreciation for the novel, I did the reasonable thing and searched the internet for the other episodes of Lost in Austen. As any good adaptation of a Jane Austen novel should do, it had me in tears in the end.

Don’t worry, I won’t provide a spoiler and tell you how it ends, you can look forward to watching it yourself next week (or doing what I did and searching the net). I am going to do the housework I neglected this morning and day dream of my Darcy.

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Tracie said...

Lost in Austen was just great. I can't wait till next week.


Great Blog by the way.

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