Thursday, November 8, 2012

Down in the Garden - BOM plodding along

Back in 2009 I started Leanne Beasley's Down in the Garden Block of the Month (BOM). I love this quilt. The embroidery, the fabrics, the colours, the theme - everything.

But to be honest, the amount of work is massive! Or perhaps I am just a super slow embroiderer but each block takes me around a month of solid stitching every night and my attention span just does not last that long.

The first three blocks did get finished on time and I optimistically embroidered a date on one block:

But then Master Berry came along and life got on the way and the blocks remained untouched on the shelf until I finally picked it back up a couple of months ago and finished the centre block.

Well, I say finished but as I was taking some photos (and yes it was night so bear with me here) I spotted these flowers I missed:

Damn. I hate that. And I was ready to pack it safely away with the other completed blocks.

But I am happy to say that I quickly stitched them and almost as quickly finished the next block.

I haven't started on the next one yet and I am going to hold off for a while as I want to start a couple of small Christmas projects and if I don't start now they won't be done in time. 

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Operation Cocooning said...

Really nice! I've been thinking about starting her BOM. Leanne Beasley is so talented!

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