Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Are My Chances?

Miss Berry is now 26 months and we have been trying to coax her into toilet training and failing miserably. Our last try ended like this:

Mummy: "Honey, why don't you do a wee on the toilet?"

Miss Berry: "I don't want to do a wee in the potty, I want to do a wee in my pants".

Mummy: "Oh, OK."

That was about 2 months age. I did not want to force the issue in case she realised she was able to manipulate the household with toilet antics, so things have continued as normal. Also, I don't think you have any where to go to when your 2 year old gives you a straight up answer like that.

Anyhoo, we were at Montessori earlier in the week and the teacher handed out an article on toilet training using Montessori methods. Brilliant, new ideas to help get the ball rolling again. One point they make is to put the child in training pants so they can get the feeling of being wet or dirty. The idea is the child does not want to be wet and will thus be encouraged to use the toilet/potty.

So, good in theory huh? I thought so and decided to dive in with a lovely colourful purchase.

Even if the plan goes straight down the toilet (pun intended) at least the training pants look adorable drying on the line.


molly said...

The advice works, it's how I trained my wee ones over 20 years ago lol.

At night too leave off the nappy.

Instead put a plastic sheet across the bed where they would have their bottoms, cover with a sheet folded over. They cant stand being wet and will wake. The beauty of this is you just pull off the folded sheet and replace in 2 seconds, no stripping beds or wet matress.

Using this method took less than a week to have dry nights. Some children will take a bit longer of course but it works:)

angela said...

I had the same pants on mine. They do work but some kids are more stubborn that others.
Keep trying, they will only potty train when they are ready. So dont worry too much. I kept telling myself that they would train oneday and they did.

Toria said...

Good luck, but as Angela said, it will only work when they are ready. I can't remember the ages for my first two offhand, but I know Rowan didn't seriously start using the potty until she was about 2.5 (last summer).

Definitely agree about using either cloth training pants or even just undies. Maybe you could use a particular undie design to inspire her to use the potty - Rownan didn't want to wee on Dora :-)

Jilly said...

Thats so funny and so cute, don't despair she will get there!
Hugs & Blessings Jilly

Anonymous said...

I was a Montessori child! Good luck!

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