Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good News. We Have Bought a House!

The contracts were signed last night and it is now official. In six weeks we will have the keys to our house.

Ok, so this is not our new (or old) house. I found it on flikr by *Susie* and thought it was so cute. I'd buy it.

Searching for the right house has taken us a while and it was disappointing when we missed out on the last house. But, as we all know, the right house will come along and this one ticks a lot more boxes than any of the others.

It is beautifully old and still has a lot of the original features. It has had a renovation at the back so it has an internal laundry (yeah!) and the toilets are inside (even more yeah!). It is very livable so we won't be living in squalor and we will be able to cope with it as it is for a few years without any problems. But it has been a rental for a while so there is a lot of cosmetic work needed - which is great. We can put our own personal eco-stamp on the house and garden. The garden is basically non existent except for a super large old frangipani (how nice is the backyard going to smell?) and last night I dreamt of garden designs and the things we will need to do to improve the soil as well as all the fruit trees I will plant.

I am also a little bit shocked that it has actually happened and I don't think I will really believe it until we get the keys. After all, anything can happen in six weeks for this to fall through (the main one being the bank failing to get it's but into gear - they are still taking a huge amount of time to get anything done).

So, now I have to start thinking about packing. Actually no, I am going to ignore that for a week and just enjoy dreaming of what my new garden is going to look like.

And, if it ever stops raining I am sure we will have many, many walks. This house is just around the corner from where we live now.

I have just noticed that this is post number 95. Perhaps I should work on a giveaway for my 100th post? I will think about what I can put together. Giveaways are so much fun.


Kelly said...

Congratulations on the new house... I know you can't wait to get into it, and get that garden planned. Hope it all works out... Kelly in SC

Fay said...

Congratulations! See it did work out in the end.Dreams of a new garden are so wonderful.Enjoy your week of dreaming before the hard work starts.
Happy Moving!!!

Toria said...

Congratulations :-)

greenfumb said...

Congratulations, fingers crossed that the banks get their job done.:-) Deb

Emma @ the Berry Patch said...

Thanks everyone.

I am going to pull out all my gardening books over the weekend and pour over the pics for some inspiration for my new garden.

I am not looking forward to the hard work of packing (and unpacking for that matter).


Fiona said...

That is fantastoc news Emma - Bet you can't wait to get your new garden in?

Chris said...

I'm glad you found a house. I've had a house with external laundry, so I know the joy of actually buying a house that has one inside!!

Well done and happy moving/gardening in future. :)

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